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Consultancy and tree-planting services


Forest Floor has been planting manuka trees and establishing native forest in Northland for over 20 years. We provide a complete service for clients including consultancy, quantity surveying, site preparation, planting, weed control and feral animal control.

This service is especially popular with landowners who have a steep or remote site where they wish to plant more trees than they can plant themselves.

We only plant trees grown in our own nursery so we can be sure they are good quality and achieve the consistently high survival rates we aim for.

We usually start a native forest by planting mostly manuka and kanuka, but we work in establishment of any species of trees on a large scale, providing the project meets our approval.

Email simon to apply for a quote.

Usually the first step is to gather the information  required which may entail a site visit.

For consultancy services please include the following information:

1. Your intended project outcome.  Include details of when you want to start and how long you expect it to take.  Note that it is best to spread a major tree planting project out over a few years.

2. Location, climatic and geographic details

3. Size of area to be planted, topography and road access

4. Description of current vegetation on the site, weeds etc and your plan for site preparation, including your intention as to whether or not you intend to do this preparation yourself

5. Details of stock and feral animal presence in area and details of animal control plan if any

6. Do you intend to plant the trees yourself?

7. Preferred species of trees (favourite trees), or any species not liked or not wanted

8. Proposed maintenance regime(if any)

9. Photos can really help; if we are to go ahead we will want a site plan as well.

Note  Please ensure you have read our website, especially Ecology news and Planting tips

During  the season of peak demand, we may not be able to accept you as a new client.  Please plan ahead.