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Forest Floor collects New Zealand native tree seed         from carefully selected seed sources.  Since we specialise in supplying local native revegetation species we ecosource from a wide range of provenances. It is not surprising that the seed we collect the most is Leptospermum scoparium, currently stocking over 50 separate provenances.

Email us with your requirements and we will reply with a quote.

Top quality Viable seed
Seed is available seasonally and is sent fresh or when ready to be sown, in order to achieve the best possible germination results.
Some species are able to be stored. We collect from stands of trees that are well pollinated to ensure genetic diversity and vigour.

Specialised processing and storage
Some species have special requirements for processing and storage in order to increase germination percentage. We purify all seed batches to remove seed of poor viability (low seed weight for example) and thereby increase the percentage of good seeds. From the moment the seed is collected we look after it to exclude insects and fungi.

Regular testing
 We sow samples of all seed collections in our nursery on a regular basis, both for our own supply, and to test for viability.

Below are listed some of our most popular seeds.

Agathis australis NZ kauri tree

        Seed available every year in late March to May :  limited supply - best to order in advance, packets of 20, 50 or more

        Needs to be sown fresh - sowing instructions available on request.

kauri cones opening

Leptospermum scoparium  manuka, NZ Teatree

        Manuka seed available for sale all year round

        Keeps well; available by the gram or kilogram (approx 600 - 1000 viable seed per gram)

        We supply germination information to customers on request

        Many provenances available including:

                    High UMF (High NPA)

                        - several selections available from areas of New Zealand with particularly high NPA (UMF) activity in the honey
                        - Leptospermum scoparium var incanum

                       - L. scoparium var linifolium

                   Cold hardy

                   Coloured flowers (the seed from coloured varieties will produce seedlings that flower from white to red, often pink)

                   Eco-sourced from many parts of New Zealand

seed pods on manukamanuka flowers close up

Kunzea ericoides kanuka

        Seed available all year round, keeps well but not as well as manuka

Carex secta grass tree

        Seed available all year round, keeps well

Phormium cookianum  NZ mountain flax, wharariki

        Seed available all year round, must be sown fresh on arrival

Phormium tenax  NZ flax, harakeke

        Seed available all year round, must be sown fresh on arrival

 Cordyline australis NZ cabbage tree

        Seed available all year round, keeps well

 Coprosma robusta karamu

        Seed available all year round, keeps well

Pomaderris kumerahou, kumeraho
Seed available all year round, keeps well

 Recommendation from a satisfied customer: 

"....I am not sure if you remember me but last year I bought some kauri seeds from you.

It was the fourth time I tried the kauri and the first three times was unsuccessful. I planted your seeds in different types of soil mixtures and the result was a success.

Today I took some photos and wanted to share them with you. Thank you very much for these perfect seeds......"


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