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Our company specializes in land management for conservation of biodiversity especially endangered species and have developed very effective techniques for predator control.
matai tree in Tangihuas

Predator numbers are able  to be reduced to very low levels using green humane trapping methods. With a through understanding of behavioral patterns of many species even complex habitats with low populations of pests can be kept pretty much clear of pests by trapping. 

Barriers are a medium to long term solution to control terrestrial mammal predators.  They only work in conjunction with trapping or poisoning.  While significant they can be breached and can prevent predator escape as well as possibly preventing natural migration or breeding of protected species.

chatham island nikau natural regeneration

Some Islands' lack of predators have proved what the problem is and that barriers are the answer.  Attempts at fencing areas on the main land have been made and they hold promise, however reducing challenge of the fence or island by further trapping is essential, this makes the fence or an additional cost rather than  replacing trapping costs.

Poison - used occasionally by not really recommended by us, we are experienced licensed users of all types of poison but find the use of traps much more sustainable and better for cleaning out the cunning ones as it is possible to trap down to the last one because we don't use bait the way we set our traps, a huge segment of pest species population wont touch bait. (freezing works rat study S Stevenson)

Shooting - highly recommended,  the best direct control and monitoring tool of all, the original, fundamental, challenging country pastime and sport. We are the  head predator of the food chain we have the ability and duty to adjust the balance to encourage as much variety of life as possible our very lives most certainly completely depend on it



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