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Native Bird Recovery Centre, 

By Robert Webb

One hundred and twenty birds were brought into the Recovery Centre over December and January.  Ten had to be put to sleep, but the other 110 have been released.  I would like to thank everyone that took the trouble to contact us over the Christmas break regarding injured birds.

A 10 month old Kiwi was sent to us from Kerikeri.  This bird had been hit by a car and was found walking on the road on a very hot day.  You can be sure if you find a Kiwi out in the open during daylight  that itís in real trouble, and the sooner itís sent to us, the better.

The Kerikeri area is well known for its Kiwi feeding on roads after dark. Next time you see what you think may be a possum, have another look before running it over.  Two young Kiwi that were sent in last year had been hit by cars, gave the drivers a shock when they realised that they had hit a Kiwi and not a possum.

While on the subject of cars, in the last month we had three Pukeko plus two Red Tailed Gulls that had been run over deliberately which gave us the sad job of putting them to sleep.  I have spoken about this before and hoped that people may stop and think. There has been a change in the Wildlife Act and if someone reports the driver to the Dept of Conservation, they can expect to be fined up to $5000 plus per bird.  The Pukeko is still classed as a partially protected native, so come on, Northland, letís stop this so no one gets fined.

I read in the paper that Australia is trying to claim the Kiwi.  Well, I spoke to Snoopy (our Kiwi), and he reckons that it is all rubbish!  But if there is any truth in it, he may look at making a land claim over there.  I guess that should put a stop to it.

If you find an injured bird, keep it warm and quiet.  Never try to give it water as the bird will be in shock, then when it comes into human contact the stress will make it open its beak to try and cool down.  Any water will go into its lungs and kill it.

Most birds will go a full 24 hours without water or food, contact the Centre as soon as you can, and we will advise you what to do in the early stage.

Remember the Centre still needs your support, the more help we get the better care we can give the birds.

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Page last updated: 20/05/02

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